Introducing The One People

Well here I am once again, sharing another story from my life, which by the way just seems to keep right on expanding! At least so it seems as once again another chapter opens as my many rising feelings continue to bubble to the surface. So I can discover in clarity just what they actually show me about myself.

Yes, I just ever so recently found myself in a meet up of folks that happened to decide on the spur of the moment to get together. This was in one of their homes in Renton WA merely one week after some of them had gathered for a 5 day meet up in Hot Springs, Montana. This was to merely discover what it was like to come together and share and to expand upon their experiences of Being together and to find out just what can happen in that dynamic of togetherness.

Well come to find out that dynamic is one that cannot Be explained in words alone. There is just this “love” that is something oh so special that you can’t simply explain it in mere sharing of words to another. You just have to “BE there”!

So if there you discover a meet up of people near you that are showing that they have new ideas on living, and carry a vision in their hearts. A vision of coming together with other folks just like them who carry a like vision and share similar dreams for a future, then I would tell you right now that you just gotta Be there to experience it for yourself.

So if you find yourself there singing over and over to yourself “I wanna Be there” then you just have to go and “Be there”. Plain and simple! Yes, that is all it takes. There is just a love, an inspiration, present that is like what I would term “the love bug”. When it bites then you are infected with a what is like a virus that replicates it self over and over again spreading into the core and heart of every person your life touches and that you come into contact with.

Yes, it is just like that. I can’t explain just what that is! These folks seem to end up looking at their communities around them; their cities, their governments and their world and they observe that things are just not working right. Together they go about coming up with ways to offer a chance to re-purpose a system that is not right, and so not conducive to the people and in fact has fraudulently mis-represented the people and robbed them by misrepresentation of the people’s value.

A lot of these folks have done their homework to discover who they truly are and how they truly wish to Be, in the way they live their lives. Well, they simply come together and they find that there are folks just like them that when they find each other; there forms a dynamic, a love, a bonding together of hearts that become so very closely knit together and so very quickly that they literally Do see change over night. In their hearts and relations, they simply do because something very special occurs. It is all in this togetherness, and it is that simple.

From there in that spirit folks like you and I as they come together in this way can re-purpose their communities, cities, nation or world by simply coming together much like these that I mention have. The One People can together create something totally brand new that in the long run will work for all. Why? Simply because in this dynamic of love and of a common band they find a Oneness that can revolutionize the land.

Then they realize that they no longer need a system that refuses to uphold and respect their core values as a society. A system that only continues to mis-represent and unlawfully steal their value. This is the One People folks, made up of Ones like you and I who discover together just who we truly are.

There is no organization to join, simply when you discover these folks and they are all over, it is what you discover and then find that will ultimately transform the mind. A people who have settled on Absent Limits. It the only change that can truly work. I know because I have been on this adventure for nearly a year with folks like I have described here. We together have done a lot of the work to uncover and to discover what it takes to revolutionize the Heartland. Simply because we are that Heartland and so are you.

Would you like to join with us and find for yourself the joy of working and playing together? This is a lot of fun, in fact you will have the time of your life. I’m not trying to sell you something in fact this is all given away simply because we love each other in a very special way. Together we are creating a brand new day. So does finding a meet-up sound a little challenging to you? Well how about if some of us were to bring a taste of this to you? Well actually we are! Starting in October we are beginning to caravan across America to bring you a preview of just what I have shared with you is truly all about. We are coming through some of your neighborhoods, towns and cities with full media and information on how many of us got started in this a while back and where and how this adventure has taken us here. Hear many stories of how folks just like you and I have discovered what is turning out to Be a very beautiful and exciting life; a life that you can enjoy as well. This is the One People Absent Limits Tour, known as The OPAL TOUR. I will be on this tour and who knows we may get an opportunity to meet. You know what? Nothing excites me more or can bring me greater joy than to have the opportunity meet with you eye to eye and share some of this with you; my stories of what this and meeting up with these people have done for me. This has transformed and revolutionized my life. As I have already said I can’t explain how this all can just bring me so much, but it has and the same dream can come true for any of you. Check this out and watch for the upcoming launch, dates, and events very likely coming soon to a location near you.

Brian Molby


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