Upon reflection of recent days a vision that I have carried really began to come into focus. A vision by the way, which is one that is shared among many of The People. As I have come to discover over many months that a vision so huge and expansive that one might began to feel at times they are going crazy, has morphed into something much grander. Crazy, I Am not and neither are likely many of these other folks.

What I speak of is an ever rising commonality among Collective Consciousness that seems to set some apart, yet not actually. There is only an appearance of ““separation” due to the conditioning of thinking among many current societies. Yes some like to label folks whose expression and manner of speaking or writing has seemed to got them branded as “a little off, mentally ill or unstable, bi-polar, etc”. Quite frankly labels such as these have a way of turning me off rather quickly and to be quite honest I refuse to lend my energy to that which is in my view, such non-sensical and out-moded thinking. Anyone who wishes to place such archaic type thinking in projection towards me is well just beating their own drum, however I Am not wasting my time listening. They can in their every right just keep beating away on their drum however fewer and fewer are paying them any mind by the day.

I say can we agree to disagree, and Love one another all the more. Thank you each and every one for supplying the contrast! It has only served to re-mind me of that which I Am “not” and serves to have moved me further along in the direction my soul has wished to proceed in.

Those of you out there who may be finding your selves right now upon reading these words saying; “ oh my, that sounds like me”, well rest assured you are not alone and you are certainly not in the minority! You see there are many of “us” and now it is time that we find each other. So I choose to “come out” in total abandonment, uncondtionally; be real and tell it just like it is, to declaring to the world exactly how I feel which is an absolute expression of who I BE! It is in “how I feel’ is the basis for the manner and the matter in which I create. Yes, you heard me correctly. I wish to co-create with You! Do you want to play? If not that is ok, I will keep moving on and connect with those that do!

It is time to take to our feet and put our creativity into genuine action! I know I have sat in my office and studio long enough and I cannot merely sit on my hands and wonder where in the world are all the folks that are going to bring change that literally will begin to alleviate some of the most deplorable conditions ever. Conditions prevalent in the very lives of everyday folks, in everyday life situations out where the rubber meets the road. Yes folks; that is where the real substance of life itself meets the essence of creative life force…or not.

This is why I have chosen to dedicate my life now to getting out there on the streets, in cites and towns, in the work environments, in the public arenas, where I can meet these everyday folks who as we all are, quite extraordinary when they realize just who they truly Be, from the essence of the Heart and discover how to live from that space and premise.

It is not how much or little money we may have. I let “that one” get in my way more ways than I can say. That is “separation” and quite frankly it is way past time to dispense with this illusion of separation. Yes, you heard me correctly once again; “illusion”, yes that is all it is. All centered in the “perception” of one’s own thinking.

Living in the manner in which I speak is not determined by what you “DO” in life, however the opposite is actually true; that how you “BE” is what aught to be determining what it is that you “DO”.

This is all I shall cover with you for today; this is a merely the first of likely many chronicles that shall comprise the log of my many adventures in this grand thread of what I shall term simply “Life”.

It is time for me to simply BE as I truly discover that I Am and to DO only that which causes my Heart to sing…always!

Being In-Joy, Being Love,

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