The DAY Life Changed Me and then Everything Changed

This is my story of a radical change; one of absolute transformation from the inside out. One I must share with every human being my life touches and possibly can touch.

This why I take this story from my life to folks just like myself, who hold deep within the core of their being a hope, a dream of a way life can be. They may not realize it however if even the slightest spark can be kindled from embers that lie dormant within, then these embers can be brought up and fanned into a flame which can then ignite a torch that can be carried and passed.

I have a story from my life that is yet very fresh and new and I simply wish to get it out to folks that are looking for a real and true difference. Perhaps I can come in to that area; where they listen right from where it is that they experience their life and perhaps I can touch “their” life in some way.

I have shared a few testimonials of my own already. I don’t know who has heard or read what however; I have something in particular on my Heart at this moment, and this is it.

I “was” headed for landing myself in a wheel chair and this was not even a month ago. I was on a walker and cane and quite immobile.

One day quite recently I realized and was pointed right to a core issue that I had buried deep and hidden from myself for the longest time and just three weeks ago everything lit up and BE-came clear. The moment I realized what I had created and manifested in my own body I cleared and healed the core emotional issue and there was a lot of emotional baggage woven into and around that. I immediately began a fast track healing which continues and I have a ways to go on that. There is considerable damage in my body and it may take time for that healing to come full circle. What really sparked all of this is my experience of a sudden life transformation upon attending a meet-up with the Renton, WA – The One People group, which is a springboard off from a meetup that was held in a Hotsprings, Montana Meet-up nearly a month ago. I almost was able to attend the Montana event, but ended up not being able to. I have shared testimonials on the The Collective Imagination, The One People, and The In-Joy shows and these may or may not have been by large numbers yet. The impact of physically coming together with “my own people” for the first time was beyond phenomenal; it literally transformed my life forever. There is nothing that can compare to it. It is beyond reasoning and logic. In the Heart it is simply known, felt and what is felt is experienced in a way beyond words. One meet-up with these folks and I just knew I could not live without having this experience of coming together with them on a regular basis. This was a love I have never felt in all my life.

This led to my committing to Being on The One People Absent Limits Tour, indefinitely. This just shows how much this energetic dynamic changes the lives radically, those who come into physical contact with “one‘s own people“. What this tour means to me is an absolute expression of what my way of living consists of now. Absent Limit applies to “every” aspect of my BE’ing. Since I entered this experience of physically coming together with “my people” I have experienced a phenomenal fast track healing. I must say that I have been doing on my own everything that comes up to me in my Heart to contribute to this tour as to the best of my ability in the moment. Absent Limit means just that to me. I really feel in my Heart I am to BE in the Los Angeles area for the launch of the OPAL Tour and have put all of my Be’ing towards that focus while taking in each detail that comes up for my actioning which is a genuine expression of who I Be. This is a real stretch for me physically but there is no way I cannot have this tour be the central focus of my life right now.

As a result of this radical transformation in my life I have been becoming practically a natural at communications; multi-media, writing up whatever is most timely in the moment be it promo’s for the tour or extracting from the heart and soul of life, radio broadcasting, healing as in through my hands and in heart to heart exchanges as in coaching and just connecting with folks right out there where they are at. I will Be right at home on this tour doing what I love the most.

Now I get to an “interesting” segment of this story. Over just this past week or so I have had an experience that had even greater depth and expansion than I had experienced already. I had what I would term a “walk-in” of that which is so much greater and beyond that which I have been in my experiencing and discovering who I am. All so suddenly over a week’s time so much of this “new” has just began to flow out of me in greatly enhanced way and beautifully. I once did express the qualities I mentioned above to some degree but in a very quiet, behind the scenes, subdued, and low profile sort of way. I have no ‘professional or official documented anything” in which I can credit to my life. It has always simply been my doing simply out of in-flow, in the moment. At my first encounter with illness and dis-ease back in 2007 I went into a very solitary existence; very quiet and secluded and hibernated, my life took on that of a hermit-like existence until I discovered the One People’s Public Trust as it was known then late last year. Then I began to open up and follow “all’ the shows as they came on board and did my own homework. I was a rather quiet guy who found much of this quite challenging among the lack and dis-ease that held me prisoner. I had a huge vision for the change I knew could BE and yet I was locked in “limitation and lack”. I knew instinctively that the OPPT was one of the keys that would unlock “everything”. I always knew in my Heart as the energetics resonated with me so. How could I go from a state of being flat broke and ailing in health to help take this data to “The People? So I did the best I could while losing more and more of my mobility. Then early this year I began to experience consciousness shifts over many intervals however my body was really taking the brunt of it all and I could only but hope that something would shift that also.

So it was, until a few short weeks ago when this second phase of my radical change came, the walk-in.

So over the last few weeks this radical Transformation has unfolded to me is like my own intimate big-bang! All that has occurred within has re-awakened a beauty that went dormant quite some time ago when I went into illness, lack and disease. Actually I never had what I have now in my Heart. I came to discover through my research of the OPPT filings that the People’s Value/ my Value was not wrapped up in money alone. Money is simply a representation of the Value. The Value or wealth of my soul and life is infinite. I cannot affix a price to that. Of my Value; that I now have to share; my recent past offers no physical evidence of what already I have to offer to “The People” right Now. What is being rapidly brought on-line is a true representation of my Value. It simply does not feel right to allow for “any limitation” whatsoever in my life any longer. I must go to where The People” are…right now and freely give openly from my Heart. I feel like I Am so full at times it seems that I Am going to burst! At the same time so emptied out because of all that I have released and let go. This has left a vacuum that can only Be filled in “togetherness“ experienced with “my people“ This “together” dynamic carries a new energetic it seems…something new birthing…and it is ever so much in my face.

In some ways it has been difficult to communicate who I Am after I have changed so radically over merely two weeks. Some folks who have known me have difficulty with the fact that I have changed so much seemingly overnight.

I previously lived in a state of lack for so long and now it is a no-thing that I can no longer give place to in my experience. My premise now is to “Freely give and freely receive“. This how we can exchange our Value in an equitable manner, in a way that can perhaps work for all at some point as we transition from the existing system to a new One that is being created by the people. One, as The One People; which includes everyone, Absent Limit, meaning without limitation…and it is All about Absolute Togetherness….and that is Infinite!

I have experienced a total flip in my expression and personality. Now a one who before lived in hibernation, pretty much the life of a hermit-like existence to one of an extrovert who feels the impulse to express endlessly which includes basically everything for that matter. A river of love that spills out everywhere and all over wherever it finds a course to forge a new stream. I pent up and held up my state of abundance in deadlock for a very long time and now the levy has broken and where Do I direct and channel all of this water (energy)? So fast; it is All here…right Now. A vessel that has been filled to overflowing. I can read much of this energy even and see the colors everywhere. I can see what percolates in the Hearts of many people. I have been shown that I am to be a catalyst to help light a flame. Within me burns a fire so intense…that this can actually be a trigger to some. One may have the impulse to retreat from that which they are confronted with; a direct mirror of themselves. I have never been a direct individual; rather far from it.

My radical Transformation has literally blown out of the water some that are in my life.

I seem to perhaps see some of what may unfold as “The People”’ come into contact with this OPAL TOUR. This vision is vivid. This vision is the Peoples vision! It burns within many of us like a fire that cannot BE quenched. It is to be released into All the People! I have a part as perhaps a carrier of a flame. A torch that is to passed again and again! From one to another. The vision stands clear for myself; this I understand.

Creativity…togetherness…that is what brings this up to rise to it’s greatest potential…in Absent Limit.

My Heart cry is to carry this torch so that others may connect with this and the fire and vision will spread…many will catch it….it has to be taken to the People and now! Part of this mass awakening that is currently underway.

So why Am I sharing this with you now in this way? Simply because I feel ever so strongly that I Am supposed to. I can’t say it is one singular purpose; that I know specifically; for there are many multi-faceted reasons within what I feel and it seems it all started with my wanting to simply reach out and perhaps provide a means in which I could touch those who have real life situations that seem to made difficult or nearly impossible. Getting out on the Tour and connecting right with the People “I” to “I”. That I see…the “eye to eye” is what this is all about; where the rubber meets the road. There is no greater means of getting real in my estimation.

Then there is getting on the air across the internet which is a passion I have held for a long time. Now it is time to act within that passion.

It doesn’t matter how; it “is” a matter of “please let’s just DO it! All waiting of any sort is over! There is nothing to wait for! Many of us doing so creates a new way of being that simply can be fun and absolutely enjoyable and we can celebrate as we go. This even fuels the fire all the more.

So this opportunity for any and all to get out there among The People can Be made readily available so nothing stands in the way of anyone whose heart is in this; all the way to the extent that there “can be nothing else“. For Me there is nothing else, and I Am making this known.

Some express how I have radically shifted…it is like I Am totally somebody new now.

My vision is so far beyond just me. So this is where I start; living in Absolute transparency and simply being who I am; from the Heart.

So this is a summary of the moment when everything changed which then led me to “change everything” and life has never been the same since.

Brian Molby


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