The Bride and the Battle Cry

Those who have known what it is to have walked through a great darkness such as a prolonged illness, affliction or having suffered great loss are often those that experience a great measure of light through Jesus that opens the eyes of understanding in a pronounced way.

They that dwell in the land of the shadow of death
Upon them has the light shined. (Isaiah 9:2)

In the midst of the valley of the shadow of death, there must come the dismissal of all fear. (Psalm 23)

I will say you never forget the many tears shed in the midst however when you come out of it and you will, there comes such a measure of joy that you will never be the same again.

It so radically transforms you to walk in an place of illumination gained from coming from such a dark place that when you come across another that is in the midst of such a dark place there arises within such a vehement righteous indignation that you are overcome with such great compassion that one can not help but earnestly contend for the faith being called upon in the midst.

I was not planning to write about this. It is very difficult for me to do so because it is so recent for me having experienced this yet the zeal of the Lord compels me right now more than words can say. I have experienced such great deliverance that only Jesus can do. He is the only one you can look to; there is no other.

We need to understand that we have an enemy who hates us; Satan who is out to kill, steal and destroy determined to stop us at all cost. His time is short and running out. There is a necessity to understand his divisiveness of his fierce determination. When the enemy has gone all out to sift as wheat the very essence of life out from within, then Jesus sets you free you are so free indeed!

I want to say that right now it is so essential to cry out to the Lord not just for yourself if you are where I speak of but to earnestly contend for the ones on your right and left that may be there. I feel God is saying it is time for a roar to arise from deep within to war for one another in the Body of Christ, the Ekklesia like never before.

A time to go to prayer and intercession. This means taking the Word of God and standing upon it, decreeing it, praying it and going forth weeping bearing precious seed and it is without doubtless that you shall come forth come bringing others with you as they too obtain their deliverance. (Psalm 126) This is a clarion call to prayer that is so being cried out for now. Please consider answering it!

This multiplies the nations into the Kingdom of God according to Isaiah 9. Go read it.
The increases the joy exponentially. Where is your joy level at right now? The joy level of someone you know? An absence of the joy of the Lord may well indicate a darkness problem.

They joy before the Lord according to the joy in harvest,
And as men rejoice when they divide the spoil.

As Jesus has broken the yoke of his burden and the staff of his shoulder, the rod of his oppressor and his name shall be called
Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end.

The church, the bride of Jesus is called into battle. The battle cry is sounding. A mighty army called to arise!

Do you need deliverance? How about some to your right and to your left? We all know some don’t we?

This is speaking to someone. Seek the Lord while He may be found. Call upon him as He is near.

The Kingdom of God will be brought about not by human ambition,
but by God. He is getting ready to bring in some amazing resources into the foray among nations. He is asking his church to align in newness of this season.

The zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this.
Everything in this prophecy of Isaiah 9 is being accomplished
by God’s zeal. It does not hinge on man.

God causes the people who walked in darkness to see a great light. He brings joy to that desolate nation or individual. He causes the instruments of war to become fuel for the fire. He is answering the cries coming out of that place of desolation. I can attest to it from my own experience. I did not realize how much I needed deliverance…until I did. It then came out of place of brokeness and humility. That which has become expended has to end before the new can begin.

God does it by means of the moving of Holy Spirit.

When Isaiah says, “God’s zeal will do it”, it’s the same as saying,
“God’s Spirit will do it”.

The Spirit of God indwells every son and daughter of the King.

People are hearing the voice of Jesus and feeling the touch of His healing hand.

Take a hold of that outstretched hand, will you?

Will you partner with him as He asks right now?


About Brian Molby

Living and serving from the love of Jesus Christ in the advancement of his Kingdom on Earth.
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