What does “there is no separation” Mean to You

When making the statement “there is no separation”, do we really understand what that actually means? When we declare there are no borders, distinction of races, color, etc that separate us, do we sincerely and genuinely from the depth and core of our being “practice” that in the way we apply our words, actions, and our thoughts? Oh, and when it comes to thoughts, well yes right there you instantly begin to manifest what boomerangs right back at you! Hey do you realize this? Right now in this latest wave of energy doesn’t it behove of all to stop and take a check on the DO’ing of our BE’ing on this point? Ooops, did I hit a nerve? Just a heads up folks! That’s what I am receiving right now. How about you? From here on it is especially wise to BE on top of this. As we work or play with one another in our most passionate of co-creations ever, doesn’t it seem to be paramount in practicing absolute transparency with one another by genuinely respecting each others individual unique touches as to how each portray their masterpiece of artistic endeavor? As we re-discover how to play together this grandest game of re-purposing and morphing from the cuccoon what each one has offered to bring to the table that has been nurtured for perhaps eons in the womb?
In the way of Being in what we are Now co-creating is there room for camps of “this” or “that” spread out all over here and there? He or she saying that this one said this or that and I will just do such and such? Schisms and divisiveness? Consider what you are creating when you step into practice such. What is it to truly love one another anyway? That phrase is rather well worn however in it’s original tense it is a genuine one. So is it your utmost desire for us all together to co-create the ultimate? (Target to aim towards). Then… as many groups/teams making up the teams of teams consider this…that before speaking, writing or acting…that we are all in this together!Image

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  • Accessing Your Value

    David, 2013-07-18 21:15:54 PM

    Summary points from Heather’s Announcement 1st of July 2013



    Please note: this is a working version for discussion and development




    1           Create your representative inbody name (entity)  (INCORP NAME of your Eternal Essence)

    2           Write and sign your ETERNAL ESSENCE INCORP declaration of representation


    3           Create your representative bank name (entity) (INCORP NAME of your bank)

    4           Write and sign your BANK INCORP declaration of representation


    5           Open your “Project XIII” account

    6           Publish both declarations on Project XIII for full “public” transparency

    7           Fill in Deposit Value in “Deposit of Value slip” and “deposit” (file) into your own Incorp bank.

    Deposit a bit more than the amount you want for your purpose.  (eg 1m in for a 500,000 house)


    8           Fill in “Declaration of Value certificate slip” for the conversion bank (eg $600,000 for house, fees and living expenses for 6 months) For additional purchases or projects go through the same process of deposit and conversion.


    9           Go to the bank that does conversions/exchanges/inchanges from your filled in “Declaration of Value Certificate slip” to local currency. Negotiate and pay let’s say a 10% fee for doing their exchange work. Be sure that you know exactly for what purpose this money is going to be used, as it is all about energetics and lies and secrecy will backfire on you, nobody else. It is all about transparency, responsibility and liability to yourself and consequently everybody else.


    10        Deposit your “Declaration of Value slip” into one of their bank’s accounts so that you then have access to the “normal” banking system, with the local currency.




    All declarations are public declarations for responsibility, transparency and liability.

    That’s why they have to be publicised on for example Project XIII – a secure platform without data harvesting


    Your Eternal Essence entity is your Agreement In-corporation (Soul in-body)

    Your in-corporated Bank allows you to deposit your value so that you can write a declaration of value and bring it to an aware “conversion bank” to access local currency.


    We are fully responsible and liable for anything and everything that our incorporated bank does – because it is our eternal essence that we are deceiving, if we don’t do the right thing. If we think we can cheat and lie or steal from others, to carry on with a service to self behaviour, we will have to deal with the ramifications of karma, synchronicity and other invisible forces that provide the lessons we obviously have not yet learned.


    Gold is the representation of Eternal Essence (Soul)

    Silver is the representation of body (the human vehicle)

    (This reportedly is even written in the US constitution.)


    Full transparency requires accounting and auditing for the good of ourselves and the whole.


    Basically the financial system works well and it still will be used, but now it is reversed as it no longer will serve the few, but the many. The controllers at the top will all have changed to embrace the light (service to others) or they will have been removed.


    This new system adds transparency to our being and doing in a secure manner. Our data will no longer be harvestable for others to control us. All this is in the process of being setup and tested now.


    This new system is a BRIDGE from the old to the new, because eventually there will be no need for a representation of any money.

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Ok, I have been over recent weeks been bringing you information on how we the One People are the Value and that includes all of us by the way. Here I am going to offer you some further illustrations to help you grasp what has thus far been shared and more. Please refer to the link at the bottom and you will find a wealth of resources that will give you all the tools you need to understand and know for us All to RECLAIM OUR VALUE. 

                              Explaining our Value and the “V” symbol

  • WE THE PEOPLE individually or collectively, through our BEing and DOing, ARE and represent the REAL VALUE that can be used as a means of exchange of energy.  Hence we can charge a FEE for our labour, skills, ideas, time, compassion, talent, companionship, experience, etc. FEE = Fair Exchange of Energy


    Mountains of Gold, Banks full of currency, promissory notes, or huge numbers in a computer HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO VALUE WITHOUT our individual or collective BEing and DOing.


    Over a very long time, with the help of magnificently designed technological systems and rules, the “invisible” architects and controllers of that creation, have skilfully stolen the VALUE of WE THE PEOPLE.


    Superbly planned, executed, maintained and improved, very clever separation from this knowledge, has allowed the silent enslavement of each and every one of us and through that expert manipulation OUR VALUE was continually, and in many cases, was even automatically monetised and transferred into their control.





    The “V” is a proposed new symbol for the “Holistic Core Value” of 1 unit called “V”, short for Value. A smaller portion below 1 “V” could be called “V” cents” or “V fractal”.


    The “V” symbol is simple and it fits in with many of the currency symbols in use now


    This symbol however comes with a very meaningful difference of having 2 parallel waves in a upward movement (not straight across or up and down as in major currency symbols in use today), but in this case symbolising the wave of a vibration increasing in frequency for higher consciousness and awareness.

    The fact that these waves are coming from the inside of the V shape, and are going to the outside, represents that the value is meant for sharing, not control. It is from the centre of the heart, to the “quantum matrix” or the “light encoded reality matrix” throughout all time and space.


    This “V” is also about symbolically underlining the coming new order of “Service to Others” NOT “Service to Self”, thus learning and working with one of the laws of the universe – the law of attraction. What we give out, returns amplified. Intent is key.


    The exchange rate for 1 “V” is 1:1 for any “currency”, anywhere on planet earth or in the multiverse.

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The People of NZ have Awoken!

Monday, July 30, 2013

Pertaining to the Kiri Campbell case in New Zealand:

The NZ Newspaper this morning printed this story to their website stuff.co.nz.

After only minutes they removed the live link to the Facebook page of the OPPT. Within minutes after that…they REMOVED the WHOLE story.

This photo was emailed back to the newspaper to newstips@stuff.co.nz and they were asked “Why did you remove this story from your paper?”…..then they were asked….. “Are you trying to conceal this crime against the people, from the people?”

 The People of NZ have WOKEN!  Isn’t it time to spread the word?

This is not an isolated incident. We are seeing more coming to light. Image

 We are seeing more of this come to light!
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END the UNLAWFUL incarceration of a mum of 6 children, kiri campbell in a New Zealand jail.

I have been tracking this since it began. Please read the following below. This concerns ALL the PEOPLE. This is a very timely moment to respond and act.

END the UNLAWFUL incarceration of a mum of 6 children, kiri campbell in a New Zealand jail.
Kiri Campbell’s photo is above & is CALLING OUT FOR “HELP PLEASE”. . . July 28, 2013 
Last word out is that Kiri was arrested AGAIN. We need to send messages from all over the world to the dept’s I have listed below. This woman has done a courageous thing for us all.


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No Where to go…Now Here to BE

Standing on a precipice there is no where to go.

There is no where to BE.

No where… is “now here”… which is in essence no where.

I know this…”yet”..

How can I feel I stand upon a precipice?

There is actually no thing beneath my feet.

There is no thing at all surrounding me.

Merely reflections…of me.

So why not step off the plane of illusion;

Into the abyss…into the void?

To return to “from whence I came”

I have been here so many times…more than I can count.

Lifetime and lifetime, again and again.

Each time I appeared to find something to hang on to,

Something to grasp; to cling to.

“Then” I believed it to be real.

Now I know better.
You see it was never really there.

I just wanted it to be so,

So I found a way a to be a lie unto myself.

Belief is after all… being a lie.

I have been everyone

I have been everything

There is nothing left that I have not been,

Except no-thing-ness. Which is in essence…ALL that IS!

I have truly done it All…been it ALL.

All I AM and I AM ALL,

Yet I hang onto…”what” exactly?

So why do I still cling to that which can only be of the illusionary realm?

To reach to that which no longer serves?

Why can not I simply drop and release that which no longer serves?

Perhaps because part of me still believes part of it to be real?

Letting go, as so much a part of me calls for just that, Is this my greatest wish?

By the end of each day it feels as though I can take no more,

Yet I continue to awaken to “more of this” each morning… to “this”.

Why? Why exactly?

To more… of the same; some moments more difficult than others.

What is “this”? It has no name and wears no label.

A question that has no answer?

There seems to find little relief anymore,

Other than to disconnect from the physical momentarily.

There I find myself…immersed in my true essence,

Experienced in a way that I “would choose” to live life.

Yet I always return “to here”. Where does my “choice” lie exactly?

Why I ask? Why do I play such a cruel cosmic joke on myself?

Why do I bother continuing to return here?

Perhaps it is the other parts of me; the other shards; fragmented and shattered; that I simply wish to point toward home…but how can that be fulfilled…now? What can I offer to the equation? This one has no answers, only questions.

For a while now part of me knew instinctively that it would come to this.

Wanting ever so much to release this body; getting worse before it could get better.

Yet that option continues to be “out of my reach”…somehow.

Exhaustion beyond measure, that I find little relief from;

Release seems not be an option…at least not yet.

The only rest is to absent from the body

When shall such absence be allowed permanence?

Let go, step off..into the void; the abyss.

Of no-thing-ness, into utter no-where- ness.

I have apparently chosen to experience this…in sense of aloneness.

However to be alone is to truly BE “All One”.

I can only but read the accounts of “others”.

You see are there truly “any others”?

There is only the One…that I AM.

In the stillness…to discover the ALL in the One.

I conclude…that is the lesson…the final one!

Then I can awaken from this dream…and have a good laugh!

Surely I shall create a great company of “hosts” to gather around the campfire! To confirm a task well executed. It shall seem as only yesterday that it all begun! Yet now it seems to drag on…forever!

As it is…so shall it BE! Freedom comes…one way or another,

So I shall SEE …and Truly Re-member…to BE.










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